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Our current winner, Jef Peace's 'PeaceWorkDotCom'

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September, 2001


The 'T.C. Design Eye On Design Award of Excellence' is bestowed, monthly, upon those sites which meet a certain high standard of art and design. I look for sites that rise above the commonplace and ordinary, to the level of artistic excellence.

I am very pleased to give Jef Peace of PeaceWorkDotCom my award for September.

I have been visiting PeaceWorkDotCom for over two years now. Originally drawn by the pastel rainbow-colored graphics, I looked around and loved what I saw: a website with a major focus on music and helping independent musicians (which, if anyone is familiar with my Expository Magazine Indie Music Jam, you know I have a soft spot for Indies, too).

Because of this, it would be all too easy to go on about Jef's mission regarding music and helping fledgling Indie musicians; but this award has more to do with his website, as is appropriate -- though, growing up the daughter of a professional jazz musician of the 1940's (Dad played with Woody Herman, Benny Goodman, too many to list), I admit content is a factor, and Jef's grabbed me. So you can imagine how pleased I was when I received an application for my award from Jef Peace, the designer, owner and webmaster of PeaceWork.

Of course, music isn't all PeaceWork is about; Jef also offers web design services, personal and professional graphics services and an awards program that not only awards but instructs, too.

Those of you who are regular readers of this page know that one of my greatest joys online is ease of navigation; there is nothing more irritating than dead ends within a website. Jef is also a web designer and it shows. You will not find a more well-designed, intuitive, navigational system than Jef's. It was, in part, the inspiration for my own: click on a main section and get a subsection from which to choose. Not too much all at once.

When I informed Jef that he and PeaceWork had won my award for September, and when asked what his motivation and inspiration in regards to PeaceWorkDotCom has been, Jef said:

"I initially launched PeaceWorkDotCom in May of 1995. Its initial focus was merely the online presence of my graphic arts company, PeaceWork Graphics; for the first two years it served as simply another way for my customers to place their orders and keep up with current events.

"In November of 1998, I sold PeaceWork Graphics and began to concentrate more on the internet. PeaceWorkDotCom was given a face-lift and many new features were added. Today, it still serves as the flagship for my online interests which include the PeaceWork Music Net, the highly acclaimed PeaceWork Certified Sites awards program, the fun and always free JustForFun!, and, of course, my personal website . . . Huzzah!

"I've logged onto the Internet almost daily since 1986, when all that existed was blue screens and white text. Web design has been a major passion of mine since the introduction of the first graphic interface and browser in the early 1990's. It has been a never-ending source of frustration, satisfaction, joy, sorrow and reflection. To borrow a quote: "What a long strange trip it's been." With all its ups and downs, I could not imagine life without it. Perhaps I'm over romanticizing, but I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Internet and all the folks who support its existence -- and to awards like this one that make me think perhaps all that midnight oil was not burnt in vain."

It certainly wasn't, Jef, and thank you!

I highly recommend PeaceWorkDotCom if you are interested in music, if you are interested in website awards or if you are just looking for examples of great site design and navigation. Go to www.peacework.com, and say "hi" to Jef for me, won't you?

Cya in the funnies, Jef!

To those who have participated in this month's competition, thank you for your site submissions.

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