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The Fractal Artists' Ring

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Glossary of Terms

Algorithms: A step-by-step problem-solving procedure, especially an established, recursive computational procedure for solving a problem in a finite number of steps.

Anti-alias: A feature found in both fractal and art programs that "smoothes" the pixels to create more even and less jagged lines.

Atan: a rendering method devised by Paul Carlson which uses an average of the "escape angles" from standard mapping, as well as polar coordinates of the same location to determine a gradient value for a pixel. This usually makes a very 3D effect for the image. FractInt has a method of atan rendering. This is determined an angle between the last iteration value and the real axis as an absolute value.

Attraction Basins: These sets are related to Julias and Mandlebrots. They are derived from the use of iterative root-finding methods, such as Newton's Method, applied to all of the points on the complex plane for a given polynomial.

Cropping: the act of squaring off and then chopping off extraneous images around the main image that you want to highlight. You can crop both in your fractal generator and your art program. Many artists consider cropping an art unto itself.

Cycle: Feature in most fractal generators that allows you to "cycle", or change, the hues in equal and steady increments.

FE: Fractal Explorer, a popular fractal program.

FL: Flarium, a fractal program.

Filter: feature found in fractal generators that changes, or filters, the fractal---resulting in unique and unusual effects.

Formula(e): the mathematical series of numbers and instructions that create the fractal. There are an infinite amount of formulae.

Generator: Any fractal software that "generates" fractals.

Julia: a primary fractal type related to the Mandelbrot set. They tend, on average, to be more symmetrical and less complex than the Mandelbrot set.

KPT: Kai's Power Tools, a popular fractal program within photo editing filter software.

KT: Ktaza, a popular fractal program.

Lyapunov: refers to a certain fractal type which is known for smaller, evenly distributed patterns.

Mandelbrot: Named after mathematician Benoit Mandlebrot, an employee of IBM and the first person to use computers to generate a decent-looking fractal, pioneered the modern study of fractals.

Mandy: nickname for Mandelbrot

Mapping: the method of assigning pixel values to represent fractal equations. There are a variety of mapping methods, most of which use a "standard" complex plane geometry.

MBF: Mind-Boggling Fractals, a popular fractal program.

Nautilus: shell or circular shape commonly seen in fractals.

Newton's Method: a primary fractal type named after early 20th century French mathematician, Gaston Julia. Newton's method is a method for iteratively approximating the roots of a function f(x) using the derivative.

Orbit Traps: Orbit traps are objects that are placed into the mathematical environment of a fractal. Because of the way fractals are calculated, the image is copied over and over, with changes in its size and shape. Orbit Traps tend to render differently in Mandys than Julias, sometimes to the point of unrecognizability.

Parameter: A parameter is a text file, written in code, that contains the formulae of which the fractal is comprised. Parameters allow you to save your fractals in code, as opposed to image, format.

Polynomial: An algebraic expression consisting of one or more summed terms.

PP: Short for "post processing."

Render: To process, as in processing, "drawing" or rendering the fractal.

RGB: Anagram for the color order of "Red, Green and Blue."

Sierpinski: refers to a certain fractal shape which is triangular in nature.

Spiral: a nautilus/circular shape commonly seen in fractals.

Stalks: cross-shaped orbit traps.

Strange Attractors: These sets can be considered as the representation of a chaotic movement. These attractors are very complex and composed by a line of infinite length drawing tightly intertwined loops that never crosses its own trajectory.

ST: Sterling, a popular fractal generator.

TZ: Tierazon v2.8, popular fractal software.

UF: Ultra Fractal, a fractal program.

VC: Vchira, popular fractal software.

Zooming: the act of closing in on, or backing out of/adding distance to, a certain area of your fractal.

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