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Help Installing the FAR Graphic and Code On Your Site

1. Save the FAR graphic to your hard drive. Remember where you saved it. Do not change the name of it. You should, ideally, save it in your website files, in the same directory (or folder) in which you have your main index.html file for your website.

2. Upload the ring graphic file to your webspace in the same folder you have it in on your harddrive. Note the path to this file somewhere so you can retrieve it when you need it. A path is simply the URL you would click should you want to see it on the web. Example: Sometimes the most accurate way is to actually type in the URL of the graphic to see if it works and comes up in your browser. You can then copy it into your clipboard (Control+c), and then later paste it into your code. It cuts down the margin for errors in the ring code.

3. Open up your text editor. You most probably have Notepad or Wordpad on your computer, because it comes with most operating systems. Go to file, then open, and open the web page on which you will display the FAR graphic. It will appear in plain text, and not in HTML.

4. Copy (control/c) the HTML graphic code you received from FAR when you signed up to the ring.

5. With your index.html page open on the screen in front of you in your text editor, decide where you want the FAR graphic to appear. Most probably, it will be at the bottom of the page. Paste the FAR html code (control/v) into your index.html page.

6. Note that there are some blank spaces (they show asterisks ***********) where you need to fill in some information. You are going to delete the asterisks wherever they appear, and replace them with 1) your ID# and 2) The exact path to your ring graphic.

The unchanged code will look something like this. Note the highlighted text. This is the text you are going to need to change. The rest of the text stays the same, only the red highlighted text needs to be amended.

7. Put your ID number where indicated, replacing the asterisks. Put the path to your uploaded ring graphic where indicated, replacing the asterisks. If your ID, FOR EXAMPLE, is #41, and the path is the one I mentioned above, your code will now look like this: (the blue lettering denotes what the proper finished code should look like. Make sure all the spacing and semi colons appear exactly as they should, because the slightest change will render the code useless.)

8. After you upload your new HTML index page (make sure you make a backup of your old page in case you need it), and you don't like where the ring banner is appearing, open your page in your HTML editor (Dreamweaver, Front Page, Composer, etc) and move it where you want to move it.

9. Test your ring graphic to make sure it works.

It's beautiful and it's free!

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