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The Fractal Artists' Ring

Art. Not Dogma.

The 2003 FAR Screensaver is here!

Announcing the 2005 FAR Screensaver! It's bigger and better than ever this year, boasting a collection of fractals created by some of the best fractal artists on the Net -- Fractal Artists' Ring members -- made into a screensaver and offered for download right here on the Screensaver page.

It's not a small download, by any means, at just over 17 megabytes, but it's well worth the wait.

Click here to download the 2005 Fractal Artists' Ring Screensaver now.

The FAR screensaver is an annual collaborative effort of the members of the Fractal Artists' Ring.

This is our first effort, but the screensaver will be a yearly activity where members can showcase their art and give something back to the community.

We offer this screensaver to you free of charge, but please keep some things in mind before you download the file:

  • It's big at just over 17 megs. We tried to keep the file size down, but we had many artist submissions, and in order to preserve the integrity of the art and not to leave anyone out, we ended up with a rather large file size. So give it time to download.
  • Non-members are welcome to download the FAR Screensaver.
  • The FAR Screensaver may not be added to any collection or distributed in any way other than gratis, by FAR members only, on their personal websites.

For those members who are on dialup and want the screensaver on CD (rather than spend all day downloading), if you deposit $5.50 (to cover the cost of shipping and the CD and case), to PayPal account (button below), and email us your name and address.

Use this screensaver in good health and spirit!

Tina Coggins
Phil Jackson
Marc Fraser

The Fractal Arists' Ring

Click the PayPal button (and email me with your mailing info), to send $5.50, only if you want the screensaver on a CD.

TCD for all your fractal needs.

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TCD uses Blumentals Software for all screensaver needs.
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The FAR Screensaver was created using Blumentals Screensaver Factory2.

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