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"Me, Jane"
"Me, Jane "

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What Are Fractals?

I've been asked about my fractals for almost as long as I've been making them, so I thought I'd give you just a bit of a background information on them. Fractals are beautiful graphic representations of mathematical formulae; the artist uses these formulae to manipulate the various aspects of the composition.

Long before I entered the scene, people, mostly men, were creating fractals in DOS programs, where they really needed to know some very high-level mathematics in order to achieve the effects they wanted. click to read more...

Exploring the Fractal -- When Fractals Are A Passion

Fractals have been a passion of mine since the summer of 1998. Having a background in Fine Art, I was captivated by the colors and blends one can achieve with fractals that are almost impossible to achieve with paint and canvas. I was always into realism, and have been drawing portraits ever since childhood; when my grade-school and high-school friends requested pictures of themselves, I usually obliged.

Art classes in high school turned into college art and graphics classes, only increasing my love for creating, and for intense color. I have worked in many mediums, and am partial to Conté Crayons, Pencil, Pastels, Pen and Ink, Colored Pencils, and Acrylic paint. It was in college that I grew to appreciate abstract and nonobjective art, as well as the realism I've always loved. Never had I seen a fractal, though. click to read more...

Join me, and the rest of the addicts, at the Fractal Artists' Ring.

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