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This gallery is for my older fractals; 'Plasma' is the first fractal I made, with Flarium 24, back in 1998. Several have very little post-processing applied to them, but most have a moderate to extreme amount, rendering them basically digital art taken from a fractal-based foundation.

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Celestial Arch

'Celestial Arch'

Lucid Dream

'Lucid Dream'





Sacred Scroll

'Sacred Scroll'

View from the Pod

'View From the Pod'



Ra, detail

'Ra' detail

Turquoise Phoenix

'Turquoise Phoenix'

"Smoke 'n Sex'

'Smoke 'n Sex'

Inside the Reactor

'Inside the Reactor'

Sacred Heart

'Sacred Heart'

Fragile Heart

'Fragile Heart'







Space Marbles

'Space Marbles'

Alien Landscape

'Alien Landscape'

Work this 'Alien Landscape' puzzle.
'Alien Landscape'
Click for more info on puzzles.You can work a puzzle made from this graphic! Click the eye. :)

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I would like to thank Stephen C.Furguson, the creator of Flaium24, Tierazon and Vchira, my favorite, (and free) Fractal Generators.

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