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Adorn Me Jewelry. Beautiful, unique jewelry designs, handcrafted adornments for your body. For plus sizes, too.

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For the Superwoman in your life
TCDesign.net's Fractal Factory calendar for 2008
My other body is a supermodel.
Well, Funk You, too!

Linkware Terms of Use

These graphics are linkware, which means that in exchange for my providing them for your use, you must use the T.C. Design button I provide with each set on the webpage that you use them on. Many of the sets are also available for purchase to use exclusively.

Some of the sets have been zipped up for your use, so that way if you like the way the page is laid out, it's easy for you to duplicate them, using your own URLs from your own server, and by copying my source code, if needed. Do not link directly to these graphics. For sets that have not been zipped up, you can grab them from the page, along with the HTML (which you can customize for your own site), and put them on your hard drive before putting them on your webpage. This can be done by right-clicking and then scrolling to, 'Save image As,' and saving them on your own hard drive.

The graphics are not to be modified or changed in any way, except to put names on buttons. Make sure you do not have borders around the graphics -- that the borders are set to '0,' otherwise you will have one ugly page.

Once you take the graphics, they do not become your personal property. Do not take my images and backgrounds to use illegally for resale in clip art packages and such, as I am the legal copyright holder. Do not use them for hate sites. I reserve the right to deny use for any reason, though I doubt I'll have much reason to.

For linkware, you must use the T.C. Design buttons provided with the set. The use of my graphics implies that you have agreed to these terms.

For clipart, textures and memorial images, a simple text link acknowledging T.C. Design - Eye on Design, linked back to this site would be lovely, but. If you'd like to use a TCD button instead, you can find one here.

None of the graphics on this site are available for resale or inclusion in graphics/clipart/website collections, CDs, or in any way, except by myself, or with my written permission.

I will abide by these terms -- view linkware | I will not abide by these terms

I hope you enjoy the pages you decorate with T.C. Design - Eye on Design linkware. Please Contact Me, letting me know what you've done with them and I'll link to your website from here so others can find you.

Use these graphics in good health and spirit!


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