This set is named 'Happy Holidays!.' The font used is CAC Leslie. These graphics are just sample graphics; the regular set, including the Dreamweaver html, has been zipped and you can download it here. Included with this zipped set is an alternate background texture in red, and everything you need for this set and Happy Holidays! II.

If you would like to buy the exclusive license for the set, the price is $35, which includes customized buttons, a welcome/title statment of your own choosing and an ad banner and mini button, used to promote your website. Otherwise, you must use the T.C. Design button, as shown, for proper attribution and be limited to what you find here.

If you would like to buy the exclusive license for a small business, which will include cusomized buttons, title and banner with business name/your logo, please email me for details. If you buy an exclusive license, this webset will be retired and you will have exclusive rights to use it on your website.

I retain copyright of these images and page design in any case, and you do not have permission to change these graphics in any way. Please make sure the Border tag is set to '0' so there are not unsightly borders around the graphics. Use as many, or as few, of the buttons as you like.

This page is created by using a variety of tables. It's a little tricky if you've not done much in the way of creating pages, but it looks great. If you like this layout and you're not familiar with tables and rollover styles, you can use my source code and just change it to work on your own webspace.

Use of this web set implies agreement with my terms.

Don't know Java Script, but yet you want a rollover state for the bullet, below? The Preload Images and Mouseover Generator will do it for you. All you do is plug in the info, and they send you the html. Try it.

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