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We Will Never Forget, by George R. Kirkman

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My friend, George Kirkman, sent me an email last year, showing me the print you see above and outlining his plan to sell signed prints of his painting, We Will Never Forget, and donate 60% of the gross proceeds to help benefit the World Trade Center Port Authority Memorial Fund. I thought it was a marvelous thing and offerred to make a page here at TCD all about it. He is no longer selling the print, and the charity is now closed, so this is not a sales pitch, just a beautiful painting, and a bit of info about it.

These beautiful prints are printed on 80-pound acid free Nekoosa Solutions Vellum Cover using Sunfast Inks. There is an inscription just below the picture which reads "We Will Never Forget."

Some time ago, George did a painting of lower Manhattan from Jersey City. The Painting has all of the buildings visible from the vantage point from where he painted it, from just above the Woolworth building to the Battery.

Said George: "I am separately donating 200 prints to the Even Baron Fund for the son of my friend and retired Port Authority Engineer Irwin Baron. Evan Baron worked for Carr Futures and was also killed in the attack. He left a wife and two small children."

In addition, George is donating 100 prints to the Port Authority Police. They will be traveling around selling Mr. Kirkman's prints, along with hats and other items to help the victims. Of the 75 Port Authority fatalities 37 of them were police and George knew at least 5 of them. George is retired from the Engineering department of The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, and on September 11th, he lost at least 13 personal friends including 5 Port Authority Police.

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