Once Thought Benign...

Created 07/10/02

"... and my senses were dulled from the heat of the jungle. The colors I knew would have at any other time jumped out at me -- fairly tantalizing me into touching them, had receded and dulled, deceptively seeming to slumber, as I knew I would soon.

"From my research I knew the jungle always re-claims its own: it lulls its victims, who at first feel an indescribably blissful falling away of the burdens of their existence, into an opium-like slumber. By then, any half-hearted attempts to break out of that blissful state to save themselves is for naught: they couldn't move if they wanted to. And they didn't.

"The plants, once thought benign, have now proven to be sentient -- and calculating."

fractal created using Vchira fractal generator, programmed by Stephen Ferguson

Original fractal heavily post-processed.

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