This linkware set is named, 'Persia.'


This set of free graphics is only for personal use,not for business sites.

The font used on this type is Ariel, and the color

of this type is #FFCC99.

These images are Copyrighted to T.C. Design, so please

do not alter these graphics in any way.


Please, do not link directly to my server to use these graphics, as it robs

bandwidth from my site. If this happens, I will have to eliminate this service.

Download the graphics individually and put them on

your hard drive and then upload them to your own server.

If you would like a portrait of yourself, check out the Digital Portrait

section, where there is information about how to obtain your

own photograph-based digital portrait.


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Don't know Java Script, but yet you want

a rollover state for the bullet, below? The

Preload Images and Mouseover Generator

will do it for you. All you do is plug in the

info, and they send you the html. Try it.

Please give credit where it is due and link this T.C. Design

button back to me at: http://www.tcdesign.net

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