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Early in her career O'Keeffe placed all the art she created in a room to evaluate it. She destroyed them all, because she thought each work was derivative of someone else's style. She started all over, hoping the art would reflect only herself.

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The Portrait Gallery.
The Photography Gallery.
The Digital Portrait Gallery
The Photography Gallery
The Fractal Gallery, The West Wing.
The Fractal Gallery, The East Wing.
The Fractal Gallery, West Wing
The Fractal Gallery, East Wing
The Art Gallery.
The Guest Gallery.
The Art Gallery
The Guest Gallery

A collection of the various online galleries and websites where you can find my work:

Art for All, All for Art, International Art Gallery.
My newest fractals can be found  here before they get moved to the frac gallery at T.C. Design.
The Electronic Cottage Gallery, Original Art & Craft Online.
My gallery at H20.
Size Net, resources for those of size.
My page at ArtWanted.com
My page at ArtWanted.com
The Studio, at EM.
TCD was featured in Volume 4 of PC Tools.
Thank you, Mia, for the honor of being featured at Tryst Magazine, a quality journal of literature and art.
My Gallery at Graphics.com
Visit MOCA Net and say "hi!" to Don for me!

Terry Wright has graciously  included a couple of my pieces in his guest gallery.

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