Her hair is too curly and the wrong
shade. Hazel eyes, instead of
She resents the impertinent
ears that stick out too far
and toes too big
to be dainty.
Legs like tree trunks ascend
with far less grace than
the eucalyptus tree outside her
bedroom window.
It mocks with its slender beauty,
unlike the pear she cradles
in her hand, seeing herself
in the lumps and bumps and curves,
before savoring the juicy sweetness
that will trickle from the corner
of her mouth
her chin and into ample

She, who doesn't
have a body
'beautiful' enough
to fold and staple, laughs
as she takes the last

-- Tina Coggins

Art and poem Copyright 1998-2009 Tina Coggins. All rights reserved.


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