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Tell Dave That Tina Sent You

TCD has been featured in Issue 4 of the UK-based magazine, PC Tools. Issue 4, is focused on useability and recreational solutions for improving the fun, and functional, quotient of Windows XP. It comes with a CD-ROM loaded with utilities, helpful applications, some gorgeous skins (which I'm using right now), themes and a variety of desktop wallpaper, which is where T.C. Design comes in.

I was really surprised when I received the mag and disc, because I've bought PC mags with free discs in them, and usually they're not that useful, in my experience. Of course I loaded it in, just to see how my wallpaper was displayed. After that, I started looking around and found several things that I'm using all the time now, and some that I'm going to learn more about so I can design more XP-related interface goodies.

So head on over to Live Publishing and take a look around. And if you see their very personable editor, Dave, tell him Tina says "cheers!" :)

PC Tools Windows XP Edition, Issue 4.

Issue 4.

Published by Live Publishing.

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