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Vin-Diesel e-card.
Danse, fractal e-card.
Daydreaming... about you.
The world is more colorful with you in it.
Olivier Martinez e-card
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Welcome to the TCD E-Card service. You'll find a selection of 18 different card graphics -- everything from Vin Diesel and Olivier Martinez to fractals and flowers -- with a selection of both art and photography.

A word about the midi files. I chose a bearable selection of sound files that fall within the range of my own listening tastes. Beyond that, I've always found them to be cheesy -- some, even, unbearable. But, I must tell you that you have not lived until you have heard the Playskool Piano-like version of Black Sabbath's, 'War Pigs,' or AC/DC's, 'Whole Lotta Rosie.' Hilarious. I did not, however, include those selections in my e-card soundfile. :) Keep in mind that if this stuff drives you crazy, you always have the option of sending a card with NO soundfile. :)

Because I am interested in making this service as pleasant an experience as possible, I am open to hearing your constructive suggestions. The numbers of the poll that used to be on this page reflected that many of you were interested in purchasing products, like t-shirts, coffee cups and mousepads decorated with my art. Now you can. Right here:

Click to buy fractalized mugs, mousepads, t-shirts, and more!

Thank you for choosing T.C. Design - Eye on Design E-Cards. Use them in good health!


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