This set is named 'The Sea, Ocean Study'. This beautiful circa 1880 illustration by Louis Agassiz is offered as a public domain image at NOAA.

These graphics are just sample graphics; the regular set has been zipped up for your use as Linkware, and you can download it here. If you are interested in purchasing a license, please read further down. Make sure you keep the downloaded folder as is, after saving it to your hard drive. Don't move any of the contents or rename or remove the folder (unless you're well-versed in HTML),as it will change the appearance of your page, and will cause things to not link up.

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This page is created by using tables. It's a little tricky if you've not done much in the way of creating pages, but it looks great. If you like this layout and you're not familiar with tables, CSS, and rollover styles, you can use my source code and just change it to work on your own webspace.

In using this set as Linkware, you can use as many, or as few, of the various sections and elements on the page, but you must keep the T.C. Design link active, and pointing to, T.C. Design, for proper attribution. Using this set as linkware means you are limited to what sections and graphics you find here, and get no customization. Use of this web set implies agreement with my terms as outlined on the entrance page to the TCD Free Graphics and Linkware section.

If you would like to buy a license for the set, which means you won't have to use my ad on the bottom, and I will customize the buttons and welcome statement for you, the price is $45. This is not an exclusive license; if you desire that, you will have to pay the price for a business license (and use the bottom PayPal purchase button), but you also get the banner and button to advertise your site with.

To buy a license for this set, to use as a personal site, please only use the payment button below, and then email me with your details (regarding button and welcome text).

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