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For the Superwoman in your life
TCDesign.net's Fractal Factory calendar for 2008
My other body is a supermodel.
Well, Funk You, too!

Even though many of these items have been scaled down (the ones that have are clickable, in order to access the full-scale item), this page is undeniably graphics-intensive and slow loading for those of you using a dial-up connection.

These graphics are offered for your free personal use, but remember, all of these graphics are covered by Copyright laws, and are not to be used for commercial endeavors, or for anything other than decorating your desktop without prior, written permission from me. Once you take the graphics, they do not become your personal property. Do not take my images and to use for resale in clip art packages and such, as I am the legal copyright holder. I reserve the right to deny use for any reason. Likewise, do not hotlink to these images, as it steals bandwidth.

I do not require a link back for the use of my free clipart, or any of the other materials in the Free section, other than the Linkware; but I would appreciate one. Here is a button you can use, if you like; it should be linked to: http://www.tcdesign.net/free_graphics.htm

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Survey Savvy
Looking to make a few extra bucks? As you see, I do not use pop-up advertising, and I don't have any click-through banners that earn me money. What I do have, though, is an offer for you to join a research house that runs legit, well-paying surveys: Survey Savvy. I've been a member for almost two years now, and they are completely legit. You can sometimes earn $20 for a ten-minute survey -- sometimes more, sometimes less, and sometimes the surveys last longer. They also at times have local focus groups you may be invited to where you go and give feedback that can help shape all kinds of things, like maybe what gets played on the radio, and they might pay you $50 for an hour of your time to participate. If this sounds good to you, click here, or on the banner above.

The 2004 Optic Nerve Calendar, by TCD's Fractal Factory.
It's here and new for 2004: The Optic Nerve Calendar, by TCD's Fractal Factory. It makes a wonderful holiday gift and has plenty of room for jotting down appointments and notes. Choose from my 12-month calendar, or the separate at-a-glance page calendars. Pick and choose from a nice selection of original art, printed on glossy paper. Then when you're done with the calendar, clip the art off, mat it, frame it and hang it on the wall for delightfully inexpensive original art. Or just buy it for the art and frame it right away -- why wait? You'd be surprised how lovely -- and expensive -- a matted and framed calendar page can look. It's something I've been doing for years; why not try it yourself and see? :)
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