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Buttons & Bullets

These objects can be used as buttons and/or bullets; it all has to do with how you size them and whether you put text on them or not. You don't have to have Photoshop and be a graphic artist to re-size graphics and add text; somthing as simple as PaintShop Pro will do. Also, a few of the bullets have alt states; that way, you can use them for rollover images if you like.

These graphics are offered for your free personal use, but remember, all of these graphics are covered by Copyright laws, and are not to be used for commercial endeavors, or for anything other than decorating your desktop without prior, written permission from me. Once you take the graphics, they do not become your personal property. Do not take my images and to use for resale in clip art packages and such, as I am the legal copyright holder. I reserve the right to deny use for any reason. Likewise, do not hotlink to these images, as it steals bandwidth.

I do not require a link back for the use of my free clipart, or any of the other materials in the Free section, other than the Linkware; but I would appreciate one. Here is a button you can use, if you like; it should be linked to: http://www.tcdesign.net/free_graphics.htm

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