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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Tina Coggins, of T.C. Design, is an artist, webmistress, website designer, and graphic designer living on the central coast of California.

She says: Throughout my life, I've used various media, but I find the flexibility of working on the computer very attractive. At T.C. Design, I use a digital solution, and utilize various methods, including digital collage as well as mixing traditionally-created works with digital enhancements -- always with the goal of creating portraits that bring out the character and personality of each of my subjects.

In all of my work, no matter which genre or medium, my interest and passion is in depicting the larger female form. I create portraits of people of all sizes; but with the larger woman, I try to turn our internal mirror a bit, to show a different perspective -- one that is free of negative messages about what our bodies must be and look like in order to be deemed beautiful and 'acceptable.'

I feel that if my work has, in some small way, helped to increase or enhance a woman's positive self-perception, then it has transcended art to become a cog in the machine of human revolution and evolution. That is what is most fulfilling to me and is, I believe, part of my purpose in life.

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