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The Kimono Series

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Click here to view the Kimono Series.

The Kimono Series

Click on the graphic to start the tour. A new browser window will open.

This series, the 'Kimono' series, is all about color and texture. Upon rendering the first in the series, I was enchanted by the sheer vibrancy of the color blends and the way the rendering produced a silky 'eye feel,' or texture.

I decided to do a study of the texture with different color blends and was happy enough with the results to want to share them. To me, there is nothing better than the combination of striking color and texture. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed creating them. In the end, it's all about color and texture, and my obsession with both.

To view, click the graphic above. A new window will pop out. To see the next, and each successive, fractal, click the fractal itself. The most effective way to view these fractals is to focus mostly on the center of the 'flower.' For those of you with high-speed connections, they should load fairly quickly and you will have the most optical show, and will notice more expansion and contraction, and 'movement' from one fractal to the next.

For those who are curious, they were rendered using Mr. Stephen Furguson's Flarium24.

-- Tina

Work this 'Kimono VI' puzzle.
'Kimono VI'
You can work a puzzle made from this fractal! Click here. :)

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