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Tutorials & Misc. Resourcs Sites

These websites, arranged alphebetically -- not necessarily in order of preference, are places where I am regularly able to find tutorial help, scripts, or good advice regarding design, HTML, Java and website creation in general.

If you have your own site that falls under any of these headings and you would like a link, please write me with your address so I can go take a look and possibly link you.

All links will pop out a new browser window. Close the window when you're done for your convenience.

Photoshop Tutorials
Flash Tutorials
  • Asmussen Interactive
  • Blue Wolf Digital Designs
  • Designs by Mark
  • Flash Kit
  • Virtual-FX.net
  • We're Here Forums
Html & Java Tutorials
Java & DHTML Script Resources
  • Bratta.com
  • DFX
  • Dynamic Drive
  • EarthWeb.com
  • JavaFile
  • JavaScripts.com
  • The JavaScript Source
  • The Java Botique
  • Web Designer's Paradise
  • Web Developer
  • WebReference.com
  • Web-Source
General Web/Design Tips
  • Builder.com
  • Dmitry's Design Lab
  • SlashDot.com
  • WebDeveloper.com

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