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What is Post Processing?

What is this post processing thing they keep yelling about? What the heck is post processing anyway?

Strictly defined, post processing refers to any changes rendered to a fractal outside of the fractal generator program beyond re-sizing and file format.

For example, when you create a fractal in a fractal generator-such as Tierazon, Mind Boggling Fractals or Ultra Fractal, to name a few examples, the fractal is then in its raw, unworked state. When you change/tweak the fractal image in an art program such as Photoshop, Photo Impact, Paintshop Pro, etc., then you have post processed your fractal.

Some artists do not change the fractal itself, but do change its appearance to "frame" it. These changes might include frames, drop shadows, or any other design elements that are not part of the fractal itself, but the "frame" around it. Some people consider this framing post processing, but we here at FAR do not -- it's just part of getting the fractal ready for the gallery 'walls.'

Examples from Tina:

Below, left, is an example of a raw, unworked fractal. On the right is the finished, post processed, result, Genesis. Note the orientation has changed, various layer operations and filters have been used, as well as color changes. And then the 'framing,' which was achieved by using an echo and drop shadow, of course.

Below Genesis is Infinite Possibility, a fractal that has not been post processed, but had its exterior-only framed in Photoshop.

Click to view full-size work.
Raw fractal
Post Processed fractal
Click to see full-size version.
Framing only

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