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The Fractal Artists' Ring

Art. Not Dogma.

Webring Guidelines

The FAR Guidelines

While we believe in freedom of expression as regards fractal creation, we do have guidelines and standards for sites that would become part of the Ring. These guidelines must be met in order to become a member of The Fractal Artists' Ring. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us.

In all cases, you must make sure the site ID in the ring code matches the site ID you are assigned when you sign up. You will be given a password and an ID number; keep them where you won't lose them, as you will need the ID for signing in and for your html, and the password for retrieving html and for changing your URL, if you move servers, and email address, if you change email addys.

In all cases, you must make sure to save the banner of your choice to your own hard drive and then upload it to your own server space, and then change the html to reflect the URL of the banner (it's the last part of the Ring code). Do not hotlink to the RingSurf FAR banner that is arbitrarily placed in the code you will receive, as that would be stealing bandwidth, and neither I, nor my web server, would take kindly to that, as I am not allotted an enormous amount of bandwidth each month.

The Fractal Artists' Ring Banner

Our banner must appear on the page you specify in the sign-up form. If you want the FAR to link to an entrance page to your gallery, that's fine-but the FAR graphic will have to appear on that entrance page. Further, this gallery entrance page should be an entrance page, and not just a home page where your fractal images just happen to be one link of many. We want your fractals page, not your personal page or a webrings page. The graphic and the URL you submit for the purposes of the Ring must be the same, or the URL will be changed, through Ring administration, to reflect the physical URL that the Ring resides on.

Make sure our ring graphic is in place before applying for the ring. If we go to your site, as is required once we receive your application, and your banner is not on the specified page, you will not be accepted into the Ring and will remain in the que until the changes have been made..

Some caveats:

You may not change the size of the Ring graphic. We have smaller ring graphics if you prefer not using the larger banner, and will have even more to choose from as time goes on.

If you absolutely, positively must change the color of our banner, or render it in a monochrome format, you may do so. We don't love the idea, but we won't be inflexible. :)

If you do change the color or saturation of the Ring banner, do not degrade the quality of the image by compressing it further.

We retain the right of final approval, and may deny usage of an altered banner if it does not remain within these guidelines.

Site Theme

Your site does not have to be comprised of fractals exclusively, but it must contain some. Those new to the art of fractals with brand new, start-up galleries are welcome.

Java Applets/Sound

Excessive java applets on your page may disqualify you for the Ring, as will music that the surfer is unable to turn off.

Loading Time/Thumbnails

As artists, we do understand the need to keep the integrity of your art by not compressing images too much. We do not expect quick loading of your full size images. However, your images must be also rendered in thumbnail format so the surfer may quickly see an overview of your gallery contents, and click on them to view the larger image.

Unsuitable Content

Pages containing pornography, sexually explicit material, information about illegal drugs or activities, messages of hate or racism or direct links to such material will not be accepted regardless of the fractal content.


While we understand that many like having their pages in their native language, we ask (not demand) that you provide English versions of your pages, and that either you have the FAR link directly there, or the link to the English version be prominent and easily located on the page the FAR does link to.

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